What Seiko shall do to move upmarket

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What Seiko shall do to move upmarket Empty What Seiko shall do to move upmarket

Post  xubaimin2011960504 on Thu Sep 22, 2011 11:05 pm

Seiko shall improve brand image by branding Credor as a global luxury brand, which is a collection of luxury dress watches in Japan to target luxury segment of global market. Seiko shall select high qualified Seiko storefronts to be upgrade with luxury image with Cerdor and open new Cerdor storefronts next to Swiss high-end brand’s storefronts like Rolex and Cartier, So that the image of Cerdor in customer will be bring up. Meanwhile Seiko shall be remained as the mid-level brand in the market with the large customer bases, but those Seiko storefronts in low-end neighborhood shall be reduced to save operation cost.

Seiko shall define background story for Credor as a luxury brand, so that it can target certain group of customers who are looking for quality, uniqueness, exclusivity and the ability to enhance social status or prestige. Seiko shall run major campaign for its luxury brand Credor by connecting it with the royal history of Japan. Seiko shall introduce jewelry and gold into Credor watch and marketing Credor luxury watch with Royal family of Japan. And advertize Credor in global event for both watch and luxury goods.


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What Seiko shall do to move upmarket Empty Re: What Seiko shall do to move upmarket

Post  zhuhuanhuan on Thu Sep 22, 2011 11:29 pm

All luxury brands have long history's development and maintenance. It's not easy to create a luxury brands. But Seiko group can move up to the high end market by establish a new high end brand globally and have unified brand image. They just need to have the right marketing strategy upon the good quality and innovation of the products. Design and story is also important for the high end product


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