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Social Innovation on Culture Empty Social Innovation on Culture

Post  Aimee on Sat Sep 24, 2011 9:31 pm

Usually social innovation is concerned with the charity behavior and focused on the persons in weak position. However, it should include more than this narrow sense. In this definition, social innovation refers to new strategy, concepts, ideas and organizations that meet social needs of all kinds and that extend and strength civil society.

With the development of network and information technology, more and more researchers have been donated themselves on it. What's cheerful is some organizations have plunged into this boundary and launched kinds of practice by trial and error. In common sense, the activities of social innovation would motivate all aspects of civilization as following.

1) Innovation in public services - Governments are increasingly recognizing that innovation requires healthcare, schooling and democracy.
2) Social entrepreneurship - Entrepreneurs practice to create new organizations focusing on non-market activities.
3) Business improvement - particularly in services.
4) Open source innovation - Freely provide the public with the resource of intellectual property for the public.
5) Localized influences that make some localities particularly innovative.
and so on.

Culture is the component of human being civilization, which deserve our concerns. Especially, the national culture under the threat of extinction should be protected without hesitation.


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Social Innovation on Culture Empty Re: Social Innovation on Culture

Post  Edwin Fang on Sat Sep 24, 2011 10:37 pm

Excellent points!

A couple of suggetions about actions towards the protection of the national culture under the threat of extinction:

1/ Government authority should set up proper regulations to encourage the positive efforts and deter the misbehaviors.

2/ Responsible social units need increase people's awareness on the significance of the protection, through extensive educations, especially towards younger generations.

Edwin Fang

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