the way of thinking decides your way of life, an enlightenment from CBI course

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the way of thinking decides your way of life, an enlightenment from CBI course

Post  YeYing2011960944 on Tue Oct 04, 2011 5:32 pm

"The answer is not important, how to reach the answer is important. You have to do to be." It is one of the impressive words that Prof. Ali farhoomand said on class to me. And I have fully the same feeling on it.

On the first day of the National holiday, I got a call from a friend who is a Chinese Canadian, working in Shanghai. He was just back to Shanghai for rest from the nationwide travel since the beginning of this year, his traveling year. He said he left his car and his dog to someone in Xian for care because of his waist injuries in Xinjiang, which made him have to fly back for treatment rather than kept the journey.

Wow, what a degage life!

Yes, sometimes I can't follow his plan . I was curious about how he could earn money while he was on his journey. He admitted that his plan was out of my understanding and of the other majority of people as well. He said he once learned knowledge from thousands of books and then it was time to accumulate experience by traveling thousands of miles. The money could only be valuable when being spent rather than just being saved. Without a respectable income source since he quitted his job last year, he still had some money from his newly-started small business with his formal subordinates to spend.

I asked what he had learn on his journey. He answered it was a lot and hard to tell. He said it was an inner experience and abundant psychic gain which made him change a little bit that he could recognize. I believe that. Previously he spoke too fast and was lack of patience especially to those who can not follow his meaning at the first point and then quickly said goodbye after a few words with the excuse of busyness. However he said it was time to stop the pure journey because of the hint of God to let him stop with the waist injury.

I asked what his next plan would be. "First convalesce, study Buddhism, then find a job and expand his own business the next year" He answered. Yes, he changed, revised his plan to the sake of his long term goodness but the pro tempore happiness.

Also he asked me how about my MBA study? What I learn from the first CBI course? I said, the course let me learn some theories about creativity, innovation, functionality of the brain etc, and the more is how to use the brain in an effective and creative way, and how to think from different aspects. Also, I said it was an inner experience and psychic gain to study on class that hard to tell. The same thing is that I realized I changed a little bit too. With open mind to look and to listen, with empathy to talk and to feel, think about the priority and importance, and you have to do to be.

Summarize: Answer is not important; it can be changed while the way of your thinking changed. How to reach the answer is important, it lies on how you think and how you do. Yeah, the journey of experience is more than the result. And life is a journey but destination.


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Re: the way of thinking decides your way of life, an enlightenment from CBI course

Post  KnoxZ2011 on Sun Oct 09, 2011 10:35 pm

Interesting article. Maybe you should ask your friend about his values rather than how he earned money and what he has gained from the journey. Very Happy


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