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Post  MoMo on Tue Oct 04, 2011 7:23 pm

A popular story in Western - Pay Love Forward occured to my mind as long as the subject "social innovation" came to my attention.
I quite agree that social innovation is far beyond a product.
Let's reagard marketing to be a game, sellers or buyers could be recognized as players with different purposes. The longer game running, the more benefit would be created in the long run.
Everyone in this world prefer to be a winner rather than a loser. I'm in favor of it with no doubt.
What's your plan to keep the game going forever? Deprive present profit out of customers without any concern?
It's entirely inappropriate, and consequently harm to everyone involved in the game, end with failure as a whole.
Besides the great success you pursue, you are also required to consider how to retain your customer's motivity to willing to play the game with you.
Pay love forward. Please assist your customers or potential customers to get themselves much capable of playing game, so as to win-win situation and constant benefit to both.
I conclude pay love forward to be a smart business model whereas I hardly to deny its positive effect on the whole social improvement in the event that you associate it with sincere care to human being cheers


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