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Recommendations for SEIKO Empty Recommendations for SEIKO

Post  loujia on Tue Oct 11, 2011 11:11 am

1. Rapid response to technical progress, to maintain technology leadership. Update products constantly in order to enhance the vitality of the brand. The Spring Drive movement, as a means of combining the most appealing aspects of mechanical and quartz technologies, while dispensing with the weakest aspects of each. Although quartz movements offered superior accuracy, they contained consumable parts (ie, a battery or other storage mechanism) and lacked the mechanical intricacy valued by luxury watch buyers. Mechanical watches were appreciated for their craftsmanship and elegance, but were less accurate and relatively prone to fault. So Seiko should hold the first-move advantage in the Spring Drive movement.
2. High quality and perfect combination of exquisite design, to grasp the subtle changes in consumer motivation. Closely follow fads, and taking care of the taste characteristics of local.
3. Apply Multi-brand strategy, market segmentation in order to provide a unique brand positioning. Multi Brand Strategy refers to a marketing strategy under which two or more than two similar products of a firm are marketed under Different Brand names. Through Multi-brand strategy, Seiko can cover most consumers, from teenager to the aged, from the medium and low-income households to rich men.
4. Investment in large-scale activities related to sponsorship, won the enduring prestige of the brand. Seiko already have the products, but its competitors are coming…Seiko has to penetrate fast. At the same time, Seiko has to go carefully on the brand, first concentrate on building brand value—that is, more cutting-edge, innovative products such as the Diamond to earn the respect of the end users. Thinking about brand value—Apple equals simplicity, FedEx equals speed, RIM equals mobile e-mail, What does Seiko stand for? So it is time for Seiko to start brand strategy.
Seikoer have very strong brand awareness, with around 70 per cent recognition of Seiko as a watchmaker. But there was some confusion about the brand … Customer perception of the brand should be the same in Tokyo, London, Paris, New York or Sydney. That meant building a brand image that conveys core values, no matter what the market.”


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