CASE#1 ---- What's the game industry? ---- When and How to use disruptive Strategy?

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CASE#1 ---- What's the game industry? ---- When and How to use disruptive Strategy?

Post  zhangjin on Mon Sep 05, 2011 9:53 pm

Feel excited about the first two days' MBA glass. Learn a lot from Ali and classmates, especially about how to do the case.
Though case one, get to know more detail about game industry, each plays in this field, and especially disruptive strategy.

Several questions would like to discuss with my buddys here are about how and when to use disruptive strategy
1. We can see the great success that Nintendo gets via using disruptive technology. But I wonder whether how long it will last? Disruptive, is not so sustainable. It could only be for short term. Because as the time goes, the creative and innovative product made via disruptive technology may become mainstream things which will also loss the edge and still turn to fierce competition. So after that, how Nintendo can do? Another disruptive strategy?
2. Can disruptive strategy be used everywhere? The case is talking about game industry, it can success there. But let me give an example, if we work in chemical industry or other engineering industry that mostly is B2B business which need large investment and comparatively longer time for return, will there be any management use disruptive strategy (no matter he is in big company or nimble one)? But it's truly that chemical industry also need creative and innovation under today's fierce competition environment. Then how?

Appreciate your opinion and Sharing

Zhang Jin (Jasper Zhang)


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